About us

The Company was established in 1990 in the city of Plovdiv. IVKO-3 manufactures a wide range of cosmetics, cleansers and detergents, chemicals for domestic purposes under the trademarks of VIKI, VEGA, CLIO and SAGA. The long collaboration with leading producers of cosmetic raw materials guarantees the development of modern and safe products. The developed cosmetic lines VEGA and SAGA, including skin and hair care products, are highly popular not only in Bulgaria, but abroad too. Thanks to the trademark CLIO, which includes all the necessary sun-protection products, the Company holds a leading position on Bulgarian market and guarantees a reliable protection to its customers. Another direction in the activity of IVKO-3 is the production of a wide range of products for domestic purposes - cleaning agents, cleansers and detergents under the trademark of VIKI. The high quality and exclusively competitive prices of our products are a ground and a motive force for their permanent establishment and development on the domestic and foreign market. Relying on its long partnerships, IVKO-3 works actively with distributors from all towns in Bulgaria.